2019-2020 Board Members

Dylan Tremmel

Dylan Tremmel

Dylan Tremmel is the president of Engineering World Health for the 2019-2020 academic year. He is a senior bioengineering student on the neural engineering track. When he is not working on school work or societal responsibilities, he enjoys being a teacher’s assistant and loves to help other students understand the material that they are working with. He is focusing on outreach and collaboration with other societies such as BMES and EMBS in order to have a lasting impact on our community.

Contact at: dtremm2@uic.edu

EWH Vice President

John Jarka
Vice President

John Jarka is the vice president of EWH for the 2019-2020 academic year. He is a senior in bioengineering with plans to enter medical school following graduation. His focus within EWH is project development and increasing the technical skills of his peers. This aligns well with his personal interests of developing technical skills in preparation of becoming an M.D. He’s confident that the theoretical and hands-on skills he develops as an engineer will make him a more effective clinical and researching physician.

Contact at: jjarka2@uic.edu

Yusuf Baggia

Yusuf Baggia

Yusuf Baggia is the treasurer of EWH for the 2019-2020 school year. He is a senior majoring in bioengineering and specializing in neural engineering. His goal is to make sure EWH gets enough funds to continuously supply members with materials to work with throughout the school year.

Contact at: ybaggia2@uic.edu

Maya Davaasuren

Maya Davaasuren 

Maya is a junior and is the EWH Networker for the 2019-2020 year. She is majoring in Bioengineering and her concentration is Cell & Tissue Engineering. Her focus in EWH is to be the outreach for new and current members, and show how great the organization is to everybody. When she’s not at school or studying, she enjoys working with kids and being a mentor to them. She plans to work in the industry after graduation, and would like to continuously be a focused on learning more and improving her technical and business knowledge.

Contact at: mdavaa2@uic.edu

Alex Zea

Alexander Zea 


Alex Zea is the Secretary of EWH for the 2019-2020 academic year. He is a Sophomore in bioengineering on the medical imaging track. He works part-time as a learning assistant in Math 181. He is passionate about helping others.

Contact at: azea4@uic.edu